Against the War
A novel of the Vietnam War era by Roland Menge

Structure of Against the War

The file linked to below provides an overview of the structure of Against the War, with a one sentence description of each chapter.


This file simply contains screenprints of the Word file properties of the novel's 331 chapters, displayed in Windows Explorer.

As indicated in the second column of the display, the novel is structured into 100 "series." A series is a group of consecutive chapters within the same subplot. The novel has four main suplots, built around the four main characters of the novel: Tom Steward, Matt Brandt, Jim Morris, and Bill O'Rourke. There is also a secondary subplot built around the secondary character Mary Brandt; eight series are focused on her. The second column entry for each chapter indicates the historical time of the events described in that chapter (for example, "6/68" indicates that the events took place in June of 1968).

The bibliography in "chapter 999," at the end of the novel, contains more thorough per chapter notes for many chapters, as well as a comprehensive listing of all primary and secondary sources for Against the War.

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