Against the War
A novel of the Vietnam War era by Roland Menge

Kindle ($10) or Free PDF

Against the War is available either in Kindle format for $9.99 or as a free PDF. Content is the same.

Click on the link
 below to go to the page where the Kindle format file may be purchased (you may get a message requesting to open a new window):

Click on the link below to download the novel as a single, locked PDF file (9 Mb). Display with bookmarks for easy access to the novel's 331 individual chapters.

9.5 MB

As of 4/1/2013, both the Kindle format book and the PDF file have the following enhancements from the original PDF file offered on this site:
(1) cover with collage of Vietnam era photos;
(2) statement of purpose explaining rationale of the novel;
(3) division of story into three parts;
(4) chapter titles providing a summary of content;
(5) more than 200 hyperlinks to web sources (for example, websites of various military units, website with source documents, and so on);
(6) book type format.

Photo credit: BrassUni

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